Performance Physical Therapy Blog – Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night because your calf is in a painful cramp? When it happens to me, I have to swing my leg to the floor to stretch the cramp out. After one cramp, I’m usually doomed to several more the same night, in the same … Continue reading Leg, foot night cramps are pretty common – To prevent injuries, it is critical that coaches and parents are better educated about the effects of specialization in a single sport, according to a recent study. The study was presented during the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s Annual Meeting in Toronto. In the study, led by Timothy A. McGuine, Ph.D., ATC from the … Continue reading Specialization in a Single Sport May Lead to More Lower Extremity Injuries

Chances are you’ve come across the old dental health adage: “Floss the teeth you want to keep.” The first time you spotted this sign in a dental office or heard the phrase uttered word-for-word by the dentist probably elicited a giggle or a snarky remark. But once the humor of it washed away, you more … Continue reading Which Bones, Joints, and Muscles Do You Want to Keep?

knee pain

For Patients With Nontraumatic Knee Pain, Early Rehabilitation Lowers Odds of Later Use of Opioids, Injections, Knee Surgery – From PTJ In brief: Retrospective cohort study analyzed Medicare claims data for 52,504 beneficiaries with non-traumatic knee pain (NTKP) to analyze effects of early rehabilitation on later use of drugs, nonsurgical invasive procedures, and surgery … Continue reading Early Rehab Lowers Odds of Use of Opioids, Injections, Knee Surgery

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