Massage Therapy 

Therapeutic Massage:  A mixture of Swedish and deep tissue techniques that are used to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem. 


TMJ Release:  The massage therapist releases the muscle in between the mandible and maxilla (jaw bones).  

Pre Natal: Prenatal massage is a Swedish massage with some deep tissue techniques to elevate swelling, pain, and help relax the mother to be. The patient must be 3 months or more along with their pregnancy. 


Post-natal: Helps the new mother with emotions.  Swedish massage techniques are used as well as talking through some problems. New moms have a lot of emotions that they hold in, this is a perfect way to help bring them to surface. Our massage therapist allows the new mothers the opportunity to talk through any of these emotional releases. 


Hot Stone Massage: Lava rocks are placed on various areas of the body before or after the use of Swedish and Deep tissue techniques. 

30 Minutes- $45 

45 Minutes- $65  

60 Minutes- $80  

Massage therapy is currently available at our Providence location.  

Meet Our Massage Therapist