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Physician Survey

Help us, help you

1.) Do you currently refer to physical therapy?
2.) If you do refer, what are the most common reasons?
3.) If a physical therapist would like to speak with you in regard to patient, how do you prefer to be contacted? Please feel free to add specifics.
4.) Are you accepting new patients?

5.) Do you ever utilize or would you take advantage of:

  • A physical therapist available for phone consultations with you 

  • Same-day appointments for your patients 

  • Free patient consultation for situations when a patient is apprehensive about the value of physical therapy

  • A physical therapist on-call for patients, 7 days a week 

  • Physical therapy through audiovisual platform (telehealth) 

  • Virtual Exercise is Medicine class for patients

  • An online library of resources and exercises for patients

Contact Information
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