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Helping You Get #BETTERFASTER with Keet Activate

Access your home exercise program through our patient portal. Set personal goals, track your progress, earn badges, and keep in touch with your therapist!  

How Do I Get Started?

Simply search “Keet Activate” on Google Play or in the App Store. Download the Keet Active app and get started! 


Trouble Logging In?

Just ask your local clinic. Our Patient Care Coordinators, Physical Therapist, or clinical team can trigger a registration email or provide your username and password!  


Track Your Progress

Set your personal goals and speak with your physical therapist about your progress. As you progress through your treatment, this app will help you keep track of the goals you have met. Each time you meet a goal; you earn a new badge!

Keep In Touch

Do you ever have questions between visits? Or wish you could speak with your physical therapist? Sometimes we all need a little help or encouragement, don’t be afraid to reach out to your physical therapist directly through the app.   

Access Your Home Exercises

Your home exercise program is easier than ever to follow! Use one easy to follow list with clear instructions and video demonstrations! Check off each exercise as you complete it and reach all your goals!  

Never Forget To Do Your Home Exercise Program!

Set reminders! Starting a new routine can be difficult, but don’t let that stop you. Activate reminders straight to your phone and never miss a day. You can also share your progress with your physical therapist! 


Download the Keet Activate App in the App Store & Google Play!


Prefer to access in your browser? 

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