4 Tips for Runners During COVID-19

The spread of the Coronavirus has changed the way we live in many ways. Fortunately, the spring weather has allowed us all to enjoy outdoor exercise, like running, walking, or jogging. Whether you are a new runner preparing for our Charity Virtual 19K or an experienced runner who is looking to stay in shape, follow these tips for a successful run during the Coronavirus pandemic:

1. Wear a mask while running

As of May 8, it is now mandatory for Rhode Islanders to wear a mask when in public. Since COVID-19 transmits through droplets, a mask will minimize the risk of spreading the disease. While running, you are likely breathing heavily. That poses a risk for those who you come in close contact with. Wearing your mask while running will keep everyone safe. However, if you are running in an area with no one around, you do not have to wear the mask. Instead, bring your mask with you just in case you encounter others along the way.

2. Wash your mask to prevent skin irritation

When you are running with a mask on, you are likely breathing heavily and sweating into the fabric. Think of your mask like an article of clothing. You wouldn’t wear your unwashed workout clothes for a morning run, so why should you continue to wear a dirty mask? Washing your mask with your clothes can help to reduce skin irritation. If you don’t have access to multiple masks, try washing your mask with soap and water between uses. If you notice that your skin is sensitive, take it a step further by using a moisturizer before your run and after washing your face.

3. Practice social distancing while running

Even while running, you should still be practicing safe social distancing by staying six feet apart from others. Whether you find a secluded running area, choose a time when fewer people are outdoors, or simply stay aware of who is around you, you can safely exercise while abiding by the CDC’s guidelines. When you do encounter others, make sure that you are aware of where they are and the direction in which they’re headed. Remember to communicate with other runners to ensure that everyone is practicing social distancing.

4. Listen to your body

With any exercise, you should be listening to your body. It is especially important to understand how wearing a mask will affect your workout, as you will likely notice that it impacts your breathing. Keep this in mind while running and be patient with yourself if you notice that you aren’t quite as efficient as you normally would be. Although it’s important to push yourself, make sure that you are also being safe and wise with your pace.

We want you to be safe while running, so we’ve included a face mask in the swag bags for our Charity Virtual 19K! By participating, you can keep yourself healthy and support those who are helping stop the spread of COVID-19 in RI. If you’d like to sign up as an individual, team, or corporate sponsor, visit https://www.performanceptri.com/virtual-19k.

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