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6 Developmental Milestones Physical Therapists Want To See For Your Baby

With the recent update of the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines for development, many parents have been left questioning if their child is developing at the right pace or if their motor skills are delayed. The most important thing to remember is that you know your child best and that you can always visit a pediatric physical therapist to ensure your child is on track for meeting their developmental milestones. Our pediatric physical therapists share the six big skills that they want to see in your baby during their first year.

2 Months

We want to see your baby holding their head up while on their tummy at two months. Tummy time is a great activity for kids to start interacting with the world and being engaged. Holding their head up against gravity makes their neck and back muscles strong in preparation for crawling! Even more so, it can be done with your baby laying on your chest for extra bonding time – just grab a napkin for that drool dripping!

4 Months

At four months, your infant should be holding on to toys that you hand them. This a