5 Physical Therapist Approved Tips For Starting a New Exercise Routine

Something about the change in seasons inspires us to finally make the changes in our lives that we’ve been thinking about. The bright sun and inviting weather make it especially easy to want to get our bodies moving outdoors. But after being stuck inside all winter, it’s natural to feel a little intimidated or nervous about starting a new exercise routine. Some of our physical therapists weigh in with their favorite ways to make a new exercise routine exciting!

Dr. Erin Sayles PT, DPT – Pawtucket

“Create a playlist that you’ll only listen to when you’re doing that activity or exercise routine. This way, you’ll be more motivated to do the exercises so you can listen to your favorite songs! I always make sure I include a few songs I know that will energize me and spread them out in the playlist to pick me up when I know I’ll need it. Everything is better with your favorite music!”

Dr. Allie Ollerhead PT, DPT – Providence

“First, you should find what exercises are fun for you – don’t just do whatever you see online! Group exercises like HIIT, yoga, or spin all give you the opportunity to be in a group where you can be pushed and enjoy a little competition that drives you to be better. In order to stick with an exercise routine, you’ll need to make it fun and think of it as a gift or opportunity instead of a chore.

Dr. Kathleen Rafanelli PT, DPT – Richmond

“Incorporate exercises into your daily activities, like doing 3 sit-to-stands when watching your favorite TV show. You can also keep your workout top-of-mind by keeping a printout of your routine in the area you designate to exercise in and keeping equipment ready and available. If time is the issue, try to break down the routine into smaller time increments at first so as to not overexert yourself.”

Liz Mainville, PTA – Smithfield

“Start with a realistic goal and you’ll notice a big difference! Start small like walking because if you start too big, it will be hard to keep up with and could cause you to want to give up quickly. Try to stick with it for at least 3 months to really make the activity part of your routine.”

Ruth Lee, PTA – Warwick

"Pick something that you love to do, that can fit inside your schedule, and be easy for you to complete. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Whether it be playing with your kids, starting frisbee golf, or trying your hand at pickleball, all that matters is that you’re getting your body moving!"

Did you know you can make an appointment with a physical therapist to help create an individualized exercise routine? That’s right, physical therapy is more than just rehabilitation after injury or surgery! Physical therapists are movement experts who use personalized assessments, education, and hands-on treatment to help patients from all walks of life feel better, move freely, and live fully. At Performance Physical Therapy, we have 20 clinics serving Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts with clinicians who are ready to help you meet your wellness goals. Schedule an appointment for physical therapy in Rhode Island and Massachusetts at 401-726-7100.

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