6 Physical Therapy-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume is no easy feat. That’s why Performance Physical Therapy is here to help you with the most creative, fun, and physical therapy-inspired costumes that are guaranteed a laugh!


Physical therapists are experts in the musculoskeletal system. Dressing up as a skeleton is a fun and easy costume idea. You can either find a suit with bones or muscles on it or pin cut-outs of bones on black clothing. If you want to take a step further, you can dress up as the funny bone or humerus and make jokes to everyone you see!


There are many ways to make a creative kettlebell costume! Choose a color for the kettlebell and wear a shirt with the weight of your kettlebell pinned on over a black long-sleeved shirt. When someone asks you what you’re supposed to be for Halloween, raise your arms up above your head and make an “O” shape to simulate the handle. Or if you’d like to use household objects, you can use a large trash bag that has large ties that you can place over your head!

Marathon Runner

When COVID-19 led to massive shutdowns of gyms and fitness centers, people took to the streets and started running. In fact, during Memorial Day weekend, Performance Physical Therapy hosted our first Charity Virtual 19K! Print out one of our bibs and attach it to your running shirt. Looking to be more creative? Choose a Halloween-themed team name! Here’s some of our favorites: Get Pump[kin]ed, Never Running On Time, Speedy & Spooky, I Only Run If It’s From Zombies, Fright or Flight.

Apple Tree

If you’ve recently discovered yoga this year, try dressing up as the seasonal twist on a beloved balance pose – tree! Simply wear brown leggings, a green shirt, and pin photos of apples to your shirt. When people ask what you’re supposed to be dressing up as, ground down on all four corners of your foot, lift up the other foot and place it on your upper thigh or calf, and if you feel steady enough, grow your tree by lifting your arms.


But if balance isn’t for you, try dressing up as Vertigo! You can buy a pair of sunglasses and attach large googly eyes to them – just make sure your vision isn’t impaired if you intend on wearing them all night! You can also decorate some seasonal items with the same googly eyes! For an even more convincing costume, try to wear a tie-dye shirt or something with a spiral pattern.

Neck Pain

Frankenstein is a popular choice for a Halloween costume, but if you’re not looking to be a green monster, try putting a PT spin on the idea – neck pain! You can wear a sign around your neck that says “neck pain” or “ouch, my neck!” Or if costume makeup is accessible to you, try drawing red lines on your neck that draw attention to where the “pain” is coming from or attach both sides of a neck pillow to each other to simulate a neck brace!

The possibilities are endless when you add a little bit of fun and creativity to your Halloween costume! Do you have other physical therapy-inspired Halloween costume ideas? Make sure you post them on social media and tag us using @performanceptri on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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