8 Physical Therapy-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume is no easy feat. That’s why Performance Physical Therapy is here to help you with the most creative, fun, and physical therapy-inspired costumes that are guaranteed a laugh!

Fall Risk

This comical take on a "fall risk" pun is a simple and easy way to make sure everyone gets a good laugh. Find some quintessential fall items, like leaves or pumpkins, and attach them to your outfit. Next, grab some caution tape and wrap it around you a few times - but be careful not to become your own fall risk! You can add some dramatic flair by holding out your arms to pretend like you're trying to regain balance - after all, as physical therapists, we don't want you to actually fall!


If group costumes are your jam, get a group together to make a Thera-Band! This idea is perfect for big groups who can play all the different instruments. Bonus points if each member dresses up in a different color of a theraband and incorporates it into their costume. And just to make sure everyone knows what band you're a part of, print out the Theraband logo and attach it to your shirt!


Physical therapists are experts in the musculoskeletal system. Dressing up as a skeleton is a fun and easy costume idea. You can either find a suit with bones or muscles on it or pin cut-outs of bones on black clothing. If you want to take a step further, you can dress up as the funny bone or humerus and make jokes to everyone you see!


For those of you who like to ham it up on Halloween, we've got the perfect option! This fun and easy costume only requires a few printouts of hams and a long string! If you're really looking to go all out, slices of ham can really help to pull it off and tie this costume together.

Marathon Runner

When COVID-19 led to massive shutdowns of gyms and fitness centers, people took to the streets and started running. In fact, during Memorial Day weekend in 2020, Performance Physical Therapy hosted our first Charity Virtual 19K! Print out one of our bibs and attach it to your running shirt. Looking to be more creative? Choose a Halloween-themed team name! Here’s some of our favorites: Get Pump[kin]ed, Never Running On Time, Speedy & Spooky, I Only Run If It’s From Zombies, Fright or Flight.

Apple Tree

If you’ve recently discovered yoga, try dressing up as the seasonal twist on a beloved balance pose – tree! Simply wear brown leggings, a green shirt, and pin photos of apples to your shirt. When people ask what you’re supposed to be dressing up as, ground down on all four corners of your foot, lift up the other foot and place it on your upper thigh or calf, and if you feel steady enough, grow your tree by lifting your arms.


But if balance isn't for you, then try dressing up as your favorite physical therapy modality- cupping! Since most people don't have shirts with decorative cups on them, grab a bunch of plastic cups and stick them on your shirt and pants! Just remember not to stick them behind you if you're planning on sitting down throughout the night!