Alleviating Her Knee Pain; It Wasn't Caused By What You Might Think

After years of wear and tear on her body, this local woman thought she needed another knee replacement, little did she know, the pain she felt didn’t stem from her knees.


12 years ago, Barbara was able to retire from her position as a pharmacy technician, and a few years later she moved to Lincoln, RI to live with her daughter and son in law to help take care of her grandchildren.  Barbara loves to spend her day helping the kids out before and after school and doing some chores around the house. But, when she's not helping with the family, Barbara enjoys spending her days going for long walks, gardening, reading, or starting a new knitting or crocheting project.   

This winter, Barbara was even able to take her love for knitting and use it to help her community. “I heard this wonderful story of someone who would tie scarves to poles and leave a note saying that the scarf needed a new home, and that idea really stuck with me” she smiled.  So, Barbara began knitting hats and scarves as donations to shelters in the area.


Over the years, many of Barbara's favorite activities have become increasingly difficult due to the pain she was having in her knees. Before retiring from her position as a pharmacy technician, Barbara spent long days on her feet, sometimes even 12-hours a day, and it took a toll on her body. About 5 years ago, Barbara had a right knee replacement to help combat some of the pain. A few months ago, when her left knee started to hurt, she assumed it was time for another knee replacement.  

Soon enough, Barbara was in so much pain that she couldn’t walk, get in and out of the car, climb into bed, or even sit on the couch without pain.  And once simple tasks, like helping her twin 12-year-old granddaughters get to school, became almost impossible. After seeing her orthopedist, Barbara learned that this time her leg pain didn’t have anything to do with her knee, instead, it was due to problems with the disks in her back.

When she found out physical therapy could help with the pain, her daughter's friend recommended Performance's North Providence clinic, and the next week Barbara set up an appointment.  “I love working with Harry, Mike, and the rest of my team, and with them I know I got the best care possible” Barbara smiled.

Within just two months, Barbara was back to her normal routine, helping out with her grandkids, comfortably moving around the house, and is so excited that this warmer weather has given her the opportunity to go back outside this spring to go for her walks, start up her gardening, and just enjoying the summer with her family. 


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