Avoid The Pain of Travel

Every once and a while everyone needs to take a vacation to get away, relax, and have fun, but traveling to your vacation spot can be a hassle. The joys of a family vacation can be overshadowed by the ‘pain’ of hauling excessive luggage, sleeping in a different bed and extended periods of sitting.

Here are our favorite tips to keep you feeling your best while traveling so you can enjoy your destination.

Take breaks while driving

Every hour or two, get out of the car and walk for a few minutes. It’s also not a bad idea to do some standing back extensions. Sitting places your spine in a flexed position, so moving it the opposite direction can prevent pain. 

Support your back

If you’re going to be sitting for extended periods, like a long drive or on an airplane, using lumbar support can keep you more comfortable. A lumbar roll or small pillow works well placed between the seat and the small of the back. Using a rolled jacket or blanket is another good option. 

Check out some of these additional tips on avoiding travel pain!

Choose the right luggage

Use a suitcase with wheels so you can avoid lifting and carrying. If you’re flying, check your bags to avoid the back strain of overhead lifting. If you want to keep a carryon bag, try using a backpack that can be worn on both shoulders, it is much less strain on your body and easier to use then carrying a bag with one hand.

Dress to move

Comfortable shoes and clothes let you walk when you have the opportunity. If you have downtime, like waiting at the gate at the airport, stopping for a family bathroom break, or waiting for your hotel room to be ready, use the opportunity to take a walk instead of sitting. 

Pillow talk

If you have a long flight, train, or car ride where you plan to sleep, use a neck pillow. This helps you avoid sleeping with a twisted neck, then waking up in pain. If you’re worried about the comfort of the pillows at the hotel, don’t be afraid to bring your own. 

Listen to your body

Vague discomfort is often a warning sign that you need to move! Get up, walk, and stretch for a few minutes to get your body warmed up and try to start your day off with a fun, active venture.

Don’t take a vacation from exercise

Although you made need to talk a vacation from work and the other stress in your life, you don’t have to take a vacation from exercise.  Plan a hike, or nature walk at some point during your trip, walk around the towns you visit rather than driving, and try to stay at hotels with pools or gyms so you can start or end the day with your body moving.

If you dont have a gym in your hotel try to look for a local gym in the are that you can use while away, take your running shoes, and travel with your theraband and foam roller. The more you can maintain your activity level, the less likely you are to end up in pain.

With these tips, you should be able to arrive at your destination feeling ready to enjoy your time with your family instead of in pain, stiff, or sore.

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