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Avoid The Pain of Travel

Every once and a while everyone needs to take a vacation to get away, relax, and have fun, but traveling to your vacation spot can be a hassle. The joys of a family vacation can be overshadowed by the ‘pain’ of hauling excessive luggage, sleeping in a different bed and extended periods of sitting.

Here are our favorite tips to keep you feeling your best while traveling so you can enjoy your destination.

Take breaks while driving

Every hour or two, get out of the car and walk for a few minutes. It’s also not a bad idea to do some standing back extensions. Sitting places your spine in a flexed position, so moving it the opposite direction can prevent pain. 

Support your back

If you’re going to be sitting for extended periods, like a long drive or on an airplane, using lumbar support can keep you more comfortable. A lumbar roll or small pillow works well placed between the seat and the small of the back. Using a rolled jacket or blanket is another good option.