Can Exercise Help My Immunity?

With all the changes that have come from COVID-19, we are all trying to find ways to stay healthy. Between stay-at-home orders and social distancing, many are finding it difficult to continue their typical exercise routine. Although this may require some creativity to find new ways to stay active and get moving, there are countless benefits to your health, including a stronger immune system.

Exercise boosts your immune system

Everyone is looking for a way to boost their immune system right now. In addition to your morning cup of orange juice, try 30 minutes of daily exercise. When you stay active, the body releases immune cells to help itself fight infections and viruses.

Exercise combats the negative impact of stress and more

Since stress is known to impact the immune system negatively, exercise is one way to combat its effects. In fact, exercise has been shown to decrease stress levels! Exercise has also been shown to improve respiratory and cardiac function, which is especially important during the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Exercises to boost immunity

Any exercise that increases your heart rate is beneficial to challenge the cardiorespiratory system. Whether you enjoy brisk walks, running, or an in-home workout, what is most important is that you do so regularly. This quarantine has given us a gift of time, so why not use it to try a new form of exercise? You may find your new favorite workout if you give yourself the opportunity to try something new!

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