Couch Potato Workout

Football season is in full swing, do you know what that means? Lots of junk food, beer, and sitting on the couch all day. It can be easy to take Sunday off from everything and just focus on the game, but it can be just as easy to implement a workout into your Sunday football schedule- as easy as sitting in your living room.

1.) Pick up those cans of beer, soda, water, wine or whatever your drink of choice is, and do about 20-30 shoulder presses. Be sure to lift those cans all the way up until your elbows lock and bring them back down to your shoulders.  Next, lay on your back and do about 20-30 chest presses, continuing with the same lifting form.

2.) While laying on the couch, facing the T.V. of course, do a few crunches.

3.) Flip on your side and do some quick leg lifts, try about 20-30 for each leg. Keep your hip and elbow in contact with the couch, ensure your back is in line with your legs, and keep your core tight.

4.) It’s competition time! Try the sit to stand challenge during a commercial break. Cross your arms over your chest and see how many times you can sit then stand. See who can do the most during the commercial break, but try not to get too competitive and lose your form.

5.) Try some pushups. Use the edge of the couch to support yourself, keep your back in line with your toes and do about 10-15 push-ups at a time.

This easy couch workout not only helps work off some of those calories but can help you work off some of that game day energy rather than yelling at the screen. So, remember to keep your body moving and get in those small workouts whenever and wherever possible.

Check out this video for a simple and easy couch workout, and continue reading to perfect your form.

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