Debunking the Top 5 Physical Therapy Myths

As physical therapists, we hear a lot of questions each day about what physical therapy is and how it works. So, in honor of National Physical Therapy Month, we are debunking the top 5 myths that we hear about physical therapy.

Myth: I’ll need a referral for physical therapy.

Reality: No, you do not need a referral to see a physical therapist! However, some insurance plans have specific requirements, so we advise checking with your insurance company to avoid confusion. You can also call us at 401.726.7100 to learn more.

Myth: Physical Therapy is too expensive.

Reality: There are major cost savings when you start physical therapy sooner. Not only will there be a shorter treatment process but beginning physical therapy soon after the onset of pain will help to avoid costly opioids and imaging. If surgery is necessary for your injury or condition, physical therapy can help manage your symptoms and decrease pain. Most insurance plans cover physical therapy services, which helps to decrease the cost the patient is responsible for.

Myth: I only need to see a PT if I’ve had surgery.

Reality: Although physical therapy is beneficial for before and after surgery, physical therapists are movement experts that work to reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability in their patients. Attending physical therapy is beneficial for people of all activity levels and diagnoses. At Performance Physical Therapy, we can treat a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions, like back and spine pain, concussions, dizziness and vertigo, pelvic pain and dysfunction, pregnancy-related pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis, balance and fall prevention, and much more.

Myth: My pain will go away with time.

Reality: In some cases, this might be true. However, more often than not, this isn’t the case. Since pain is your body’s way of alerting you when something is not right, it’s best to seek physical therapy shortly after the onset of pain. The sooner you begin physical therapy, you can preserve more range in motion and prevent your injury or condition worsening over time – not to mention saving money with a shorter treatment process! You can request a free 15-minute evaluation with one of our physical therapists to ensure that physical therapy is the best course of treatment for your pain.

Myth: Telehealth physical therapy appointments don’t work.

Reality: Telehealth physical therapy may seem intimidating for some, but our patients have reported that they would use telehealth in the future because it worked so well for them. Our physical therapists prescribe creative exercises that can be done at home – with household items or bodyweight! The physical therapist can see how you are doing the exercises through the video chat and can make any adjustments according to your progress. If you have any questions about telehealth, click here or call 401.726.7100.

To learn more about how Performance Physical Therapy can help treat your injury or condition, you can schedule a free 15-minute evaluation with a physical therapist or call us at 401.726.7100.

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