December Care To Wear - Crossroads RI

The Performance Physical Therapy team is dressing down on Fridays in December to raise awareness and funds for Crossroads Rhode Island.

What is Crossroads Rhode Island?

For over 125 years, Crossroads has been serving those in need. Their mission is to help individuals and families in need overcome their homelessness. They currently provide a wide variety of services to support this growing population, including housing, emergency services, education & employment services, health and dental services, and more.

What Can I Do Now For Crossroads Rhode Island?

Care to Wear at Performance Physical Therapy: Our purpose is ‘to empower our community to lead healthy, fulfilling, and happy lives’. Every month we raise awareness of community organizations that align with our purpose by dressing down, volunteering, and raising funds. Our goal is for 100% of Performance Physical Therapy team members to be active in philanthropic initiatives to empower everyone in our community to lead healthy, fulfilling, and happy lives.

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