Double The Pain - Double The Work - Double The Satisfaction

Being diagnosed with scoliosis as a child, Suzanne never thought her pain could stem from any other issues.  

For many years, Suzanne worked as a teacher and loved the experience of enriching young minds. But after years of relocating due to her husband's position in the air force, she decided to work for the YMCA education program, a job that could easily be picked up no matter where she went. And she loved spending the next 15 years helping the the program grow.

But after decades of hard work, it was time for Suzanne to slow down and take some time to herself, so 10 years ago, she retired, and moved to Rhode Island to be closer to her daughter and granddaughter. 

In her retirement, Suzanne was able to relax and focus on her favorite activities, like traveling to California to see family, going to the east side YMCA to swim some laps, and walking the neighborhood with her granddaughter and their two puppies. 

Growing up with an S curved spine from scoliosis, Suzanne knew it was important to keep up with her activities to help prevent pain and keep her on her feet. 

Suzanne continued to stay active throughout her life, and never had any severe problems from her curve. But this last year, Suzanne started having pain in her legs and assumed it was the effects of her scoliosis. This past January, while Suzanne was swimming laps, she experienced shooting pains in her legs before they went numb for a few minutes. 

When the pain continued, and she could no longer lift her knee, Suzanne went to see a spine specialist. After some tests, she learned that her pain didn’t stem from her back, instead, it was coming from her hips. After having her hips x-rayed, Suzanne learned that they were completely collapsed, and she would need both hips replaced. To prepare her body for surgery, Suzanne began some prehab treatments with Dr. Kara Chace at the Pawtucket clinic.  

Two months and two surgeries later, Suzanne came back to physical therapy, working with Dr. Chace to strengthen her lower body so she could walk without the need of a walker or cane. By the end of March, she was back to walking. “I really appreciate the physical therapists and how knowledgeable they are. I had such a great time with them, they are so special and wonderful to work with” she smiled. 

Suzanne was thrilled to get back in the pool this summer to start up her water aerobics classes with her favorite instructor. She is also working hard with her personal trainer to help strengthen her upper body and is back to walking around the block without the use of her walker, "and the only time I need my cane is when I visit my granddaughter to help keep the puppies from jumping on me" she laughed. As she continues to heal, Suzanne continues to keep up with her active lifestyle and won't let anything get in her way.


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