East Providence Freshman Makes it to The National Football Team

Adam Marschat has played football since he was six years old and it's always been his dream to play for the national team. This year he got that chance, but an unfortunate injury abruptly sidelined Adam and his dream. 

East Providence High School freshman, Adam Marschat, has spent his teenage years focusing everything he has on his love for the game. While most high school students are hanging out with friends on nights and weekends, Adam is working out and honing his skills. To him, it isn’t work, because his dedication has led Adam to get a shot at achieving his dream by being invited to try out for the national football team.

Last June, Adam traveled to Maryland for the first round of tryouts for the U.S. National Team. He advanced to the second round of tryouts and was invited to play at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Playing at the Hall of Fame was a dream come true, and when Adam advanced and was invited to the third round, he couldn’t have been happier.

Little did he know, that would be his last time participating with the national team in 2018.

During a game against North Kingstown this past Fall, Adam came down on his leg awkwardly while hauling in a pass. He immediately knew something was wrong, and luckily the North Kingstown Athletic Trainer, Briana Pina, ran out to attend to him. She immediately popped his knee cap back in and suspected that Adam had suffered an ACL tear. The next day her fears were confirmed and his team physician, Dr. Brett Owens of University Orthopedics, determined that Adam would require ACL reconstructive surgery. Unfortunately for him, Adam would have to spend the next 9 months off the field, that meant temporarily putting his dreams on hold.

Although stepping off the field was difficult for Adam, he was able to spend the next few months focusing all his attention on his rehab. Adam began to spend every afternoon training with East Providence’s Athletic Trainer, Amanda Moran, in conjunction with seeing Dr. Kayla Barrett for his physical therapy at Performance.

“The toughest part about my injury was knowing that I worked so hard for both the national and my high school team but had to give them both up” Adam shared. Even though he was stuck on the sidelines, and had a difficult time watching his friends play, Adam still showed up to every practice and game to support his team. “I’ve learned a lot from this experience, and it’s really made me think about how important it is to just live in the game end enjoy the moment” he expressed. 

Now, after almost 6 months of recovery, Adam is feeling stronger and working towards his goals of getting back on his high school team and showing up for next year's tryouts at the national level. “There is no doubt in my mind that I can't make it back on the field and try out for the national team again. Plenty of players have come back from worse so I know that I can too, and one day I will be successful” Adam smiled. 

Adam hopes that with all the hard work he’s put in, he can start outdoor track this spring, and no matter what, he is on the way to getting back in the game to help his teammates win a championship, show up to the next national tryouts stronger than ever, and in a few years, continue playing at a division 1 college.


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