Emmalyn's Getting Back "on the run"

Emmalyn loves to learn new things, and as a fifth grader, that is exactly what she does every day. Emmalyn always works hard at school and loves the new demands that come each day. Her favorite subject is even math, “because I really like how challenging it can be” she shared. 

Although Emmalyn always works hard in school, she really enjoys getting out of the classroom to head outdoors, and one of her favorite activities is playing baseball. Emmalyn’s entire family loves the game, and became involved with an all girl's baseball team, the Pawtucket Slaterettes, over 10 years ago when Emmalyn's older sister joined the team. A few years later, Emmalyn and her twin sister also joined the Slaterettes where Emmalyn became a catcher, and occasionally fills in as pitcher or short-stop “I love that the Slaterettes are an all-girls league and I’ve made many friendships over the years” Emmalyn smiled. 

When Emmalyn is not out on the baseball field, she's spending time with the Girls on the Run program. For the past 3 seasons, Emmalyn has worked with her group and even had the opportunity to run 2 5ks. This season, in early November, Emmalyn was running with her group, but when she stopped short, she pulled something in her left knee and had trouble walking. After going to the doctors, Emmalyn learned that she partially dislocated her knee. Emmalyn began wearing a brace immediately to help hold her knee in place, then started physical therapy treatments with Dr. Chelsea Sweetman and Lance Howard at the East Providence clinic. During those first few weeks, Emmalyn was in a lot of pain “I even had to sit out of gym and recess, and it was tough to get around” she shared. But, within just 4 short weeks, Emmalyn was starting to feel better and ready to slowly build up her activities again. 

Back in November, when Emmalyn was training for her 5k, she was so excited to run it, but after her injury, she knew it was important to sit out and rest.  Although it was disappointing to miss out on, Emmalyn knows that it helped in the healing process, and now that her knee is feeling better she will be able to continue her training and get back out with her group to run the upcoming 5k this spring with one of her coaches.  

Between school, baseball, and Girls on the run, Emmalyn is very busy, but she always has time to hang out with her family.  With 4 other sisters, all various ages, it can be tough to spend their time together, but they always try to come up with ways to spend the day as a family.  One of their favorite activities is going for hikes. Last summer, they even tried a challenge where they visited 10 trails in Rhode Island and had to find a special marking on each trail to make a copy of. They had so much fun, even though they never knew if it would take them 30-minutes or 3-hours “We always packed plenty of water and snacks just in case” shared Emmalyn's mom, Shannon. During the summer, Emmalyn also loves to go swimming and even has a pool in her backyard, but once she's in the water, it's tough to get her out. 

With the summer being over and winter closing in, Emmalyn and her family still hope to get outside and enjoy the new year and now, Emmalyn can't wait to do it all pain-free.


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