Finding the Strength to Overcome Pain

After a life changing motorcycle accident, this local student was ready to take back her life.  

A few years ago, at just 22- years-old, Madison Riley had a busy schedule and a lot going on in her life. She was working a full-time job as a lab technician, part time with adults with disabilities, and if that wasn’t enough, she was also taking a full class load at CCRI.  

Unfortunately, Madison had to put all of this on hold almost 2 years ago when she sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident after she was hit by a car on her way to work. Madison suffered from a traumatic brain injury, broke her collarbone, sustained damage to her spine and back, had tendon damage in her hand, and tore ligaments in her pelvis.


After surgery on both her hand and collarbone, and a month long stay in the hospital's rehab center, Madison began physical therapy with Dr. Steve Alden at the East Greenwich clinic. 

Seeing as all her favorite activities like riding her bike, walking her dog, taking hikes, going to work, and even sitting in class all became impossible, the only thing she could do was take the next 9 months to focus on her recovery. 

Eventually, Madison got to a point where she could focus on her recovery without the aid of physical therapy.  Although her body was getting stronger, she still had to cut back on everything she did before the accident. Since she really couldn’t spend a full day on her feet, she couldn’t work, and due to the long recovery period from the brain injury, she also had to take some time off school. 

Things were going well for Madison over the next year as she got used to her routine of working out at the gym, spending afternoons walking her dog, and even volunteering with the brain injury association.

Unfortunately, this September, she began having some back and pelvic pain, so she came back to Performance and started working with Dr. Danielle Moreau, pelvic health specialist. 

It's been difficult for Madison to experience this setback, because just when she was getting comfortable with her routine, she once again had to put her life on hold.  Luckily, over the past few months in physical therapy, Madison has learned a lot of useful skills to prevent pain, rather than just manage it.  But she hopes that soon enough she can get back to spending long days on her feet all pain-free. 

After a few months back in physical therapy, Madison is able to sustain longer days on her feet, is getting back to some of her favorite activities and even hopes to start volunteering at a farm where she can enjoy her days with the animals. It's been a difficult few years for Madison, but she's very optimistic that within the next few months she will really be able to take back her life.


As of now, Madison is waiting to hear if she has been accepted into the diagnostic sonography program, so she can go back to school, and she's so excited to get back to some of her normal routines, like going out for long hikes, getting back to work, and maybe one day even getting back on her bike. 


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