Freshman at Brown is getting back on track

At just four years old, Arden Reynolds started traveling the world because of her parent's involvement with development work. Their work has taken them all over, like Tanzania, Vietnam, and Myanmar just to name a few. For her entire life, Arden has been attending international schools, giving her the opportunity to study with kids from over 20 different countries, and today she has friends from all over the world. 

This past summer, Arden moved to Rhode Island to start her freshman year at Brown University. She couldn’t wait to begin school because Brown was a great spot of student activism and she was inspired by everyone's excitement to learn. After an unfortunate accident, where Arden was hit by a car on her second day of orientation, she landed in the hospital with a fractured pelvis and sacrum. Eager to recover, Arden worked hard in rehab learning how to walk again, and after a few weeks, she was able to head back to Brown and start her physical therapy treatment with Dr. Ross Levine and his PT student, Lynne, at Performance’s Providence clinic.  

Although Arden is taking a reduced class load, and still has some difficulty getting around campus, she is excited to be studying English and Education at Brown. “I believe that a liberal arts education is important because it prepares you for a variety of problems that you’ll face in the real world” she shared. Arden has always loved teaching and has been tutoring for as long as she can remember.  Along with her passion for tutoring, Arden loves to play the French Horn. She has been playing for the past 5 years and even got to perform with the international orchestra while living in Myanmar. “Music really inspires me and it's amazing how it brings all the different communities together” she smiled. Arden continues to play the French Horn today and even performs with Brown’s orchestra.

While overseas, Arden also picked up her love for ultimate frisbee, which she's been playing since seventh grade. Unfortunately, she had to put her practice’s on hold since her accident because running won’t be an option for a little while. Although her pelvic fracture should be healed within the next month, Arden still suffered a lot of nerve damage that will take a bit longer to heal, but she is ready to work hard on her recovery to get back on the field and start running again. Previous to her injury, Arden even ran a half marathon and she can't wait to get back in running shape and complete another one once she is fully healed.

Arden hopes that by next semester she will have more energy to pick up a full class load, play Ultimate Frisbee, and join new clubs and organizations “I really want to take advantage of all the opportunities Brown has to offer”.

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