Gaining Confidence Through Recovery

After a motorcycle accident forced 22-year-old Emily Doucette to put her plans on hold, she decided to do whatever it would take to get her life back on track.

Last May, Emily graduated from Lasell college where she studied fashion and finished with a degree in retail merchandising.  Like most students, Emily had no idea what she wanted to do when she started school 4 years ago but decided to go with her gut and pick a career combining her love of fashion and the world of business.

After graduating, Emily was considering her job options, but before making any plans, she got into a motorcycle accident that left her with a broken pelvis along with many other injuries. Due to the severity of her injuries, Emily was forced to put all her plans on hold.  “The accident was really traumatic, and for a while, I was in a wheelchair then getting around with a walker, so I was really anxious about leaving the house” shared Emily. Rather than spending her summer looking for a job, Emily spent the next few months dedicated to her recovery. 

Over the next 4 months, Emily spent almost every day in the house due to her anxieties and the pain from her injuries, but tried to find ways to keep busy that wouldn’t require too much physical effort. Always having a love for art, but never finding the time to work on projects before, she knew that now would be the perfect time to give her artistic side a chance. Emily chose projects like crafting wall art, drawing, and even creating a self-portrait as her favorite ways to pass the time.  

Although reluctant to leave the house, Emily knew it was time to begin physical therapy, so last October she made an appointment with Dr. Carolyn Rhoads at the Smithfield clinic and even spent some appointments working with pelvic health specialist Dr. Melissa Nassaney.

With almost 7 months of hard work behind her, Emily is feeling great but knows that she still had some more work to put in.  “Everyone I met here has been super nice and encouraging, and they've really made a difference and made my recovery fun” she smiled. Not only has physical therapy helped with the pain, and getting Emily back to walking, but it has really built up her confidence, leading to a more independent life, like being able to leave the house with ease.

"Emily has worked exceptionally hard at Physical therapy over the past few months" Shared Dr. Rhoads. "She has worked through her difficult days and taken her rehab in stride. Emily’s positive attitude, drive, and strength have motivated me as both a person and Physical Therapist. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily and I am so pleased to see her getting back to her normal activities including going to the gym, returning to work, and doing handstands! Keep up the good work Emily! You rock!" expressed Dr. Rhoads.

“Now that I'm coming to the end of my recovery, I'm really just going to take the time and figure everything out” Emily shared.  Although Emily still has a few more kinks to work out in physical therapy, she is so excited for all the opportunities that will come her way once she's finally pain-free and able to get back to work, and life.

For now, Emily is excited to get back to a more active life and even plans on starting yoga classes now that she can move more freely. She’s also looking forward to continuing her newfound love for art, deciding what career path to go down, and is truly looking forward to whatever comes next.


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