Getting Back Behind The Plate

Jason Yany has always been passionate about sports, and over the last 9 years, he’s thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to play on different teams, including soccer and basketball. Although he loves the thrill of trying something new, nothing could beat Jason’s love for baseball. 

Since he was 5 years old, Jason has been playing baseball, and 2 years ago, he joined a travel team where he played as a catcher and third base. Last year, he even joined his school team as a freshman at St. Raphael Academy. At just 14 years old, Jason already knew that the goal would be to take baseball all the way to college, and maybe even further. 

Jason was so excited to start his schools' team, but little did he know, he would only get to play 1 game last season. 

During his first high school baseball game this April, Jason twisted his ankle, and after 2 weeks of increasing pain, with no amount of rest that could help, Jason had an MRI to find out that he damaged 2 ligaments in his ankle. 

Although he wouldn’t need surgery, Jason would need to spend the next few months in physical therapy, so he made an appointment with Dr. Mike Glassman from our Pawtucket clinic. For the next 2 months, Jason couldn’t walk without the use of crutches, and being off his feet was a difficult adjustment. 

Jason loved to go out with his friends to shoot some hoops or just stay moving, but now all that was impossible. “I had nothing to do, I couldn’t go anywhere or when I did all I could do was sit” he expressed. His classes were also located in different buildings, and because Jason had difficulty getting around, he spent the remainder of the school year sitting in one room doing all his work. Although Jason was happy to be out of class, he missed being able to spend the day with his friends.

Jason started physical therapy by working on the Alter G treadmill walking with only 65% of his body weight. “The Alter G was really cool to use but also felt really weird” he laughed. The more he got used to walking, the more of his body weight he was able to use, and after 2 months, he was finally able to get rid of the crutches. 

As his ankle was healing, Jason continued to use his desire to get back on his teams before the end of the season as his inspiration to keep up the hard work in physical therapy.  Although he made significant improvements, by the time he was ready to get back on the field, both his school and travel seasons were over. But that wouldn’t stop Jason from continuing to work hard, build strength, and get back to the condition he was before the season began. 

Although he may not have made it back for the season, Jason now has plenty of time to work on drills and get his body ready for next spring so he can play better than ever. 

Jason is happy to be finishing physical therapy, meeting all of his goals, and feeling 100%. He also looks forward to spending the rest of his summer getting back to his active lifestyle, joining his school's basketball team next winter, and getting back to his travel and school baseball teams next spring. And now,  he can focus the next few years on working on his game, to make it on a college team. 


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