How Physical Therapists Stay Active

Every physical therapist will tell you that movement is medicine and that exercise is more powerful than you'd think. As experts in movement, we've asked physical therapists Taylor Holt, Kayla Barrett, Lynn Johnson, and Erica Manchester how they like to stay active in their free time.

Physical Therapist: Taylor Holt PT, DPT

Clinic: East Providence, RI

Favorite Activity: Golf

How Long Have You Been Golfing?

"This will be my third summer playing golf."

Why Do You Love Golf?

"I love to golf because I get to spend time with my friends and family and not to mention I get a little better every time I play!"

Why Is Golfing Good For You?

"Not only is golf an activity that targets the whole body, but you're reaching your step goal by walking through the course. There's also mental health benefits because you're spending time with other people."

What Patients Would Benefit From Golf?

"I would recommend this activity to anyone looking for physical activity and those who enjoy a challenge. Golf can be beneficial for low back, hip, thoracic spine, and shoulder pain."

Physical Therapist: Kayla Barrett PT, DPT

Clinic: Seekonk, MA

Favorite Activity: Walking

How Long Has Walking Been a Part of Your Exercise Routine?

"My whole life! Actually, I increased my walking a lot since having my son. He loves the stroller, as does my dog!"

Why Do You Love Walking?

"It is easy to incorporate the family. I can just step out of the house and get moving or find a fun destination!"

Why Is Walking Good For You?

"Walking is very good for your overall health. It is an activity that can be easy for starting out and progress into a more challenging workout."

What Patients Would Benefit From Walking?

"All patients!"

Physical Therapist: Lynn Johnson MS, PT, OCS, CSCS

Clinic: Plainville, MA

Favorite Activity: Running

How Long Have You Been Running?

"I've been a runner for the past 35 years. I started in High School Track/DC, ran division 1 in College Track/XC, and haven't given it up since! I've run over 20 marathons including the Boston Marathon 8 Times as a qualified runner."

Why Do You Love Running?

"I love running because it allows me to challenge my body physically, it has allowed me to see so many new and different places on foot, it has brought so many amazing friends into my life, and it truly helps me deal with stress and clear my head to get ready for the day ahead.

Why Is Running Good For You?

"This activity is great for the body and mind. It keeps you physically active and fit but also helps with mental health and sanity. It is great cardio for the heart, makes you stronger, and in my case helps keep my anxiety in check. It is also great because you get to enjoy the outdoors and can see so many new and different places?"

What Patients Would Benefit From Running?

"I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys the outdoors and wants to get the benefits both physically and mentally. Young or old, you can become a runner with the right guidance on how to ensure your body is strong enough and gradually build your mileage."

Physical Therapist: Erica Manchester PT, DPT

Clinic: South Kingstown, RI

Favorite Activity: Running, Lifting, Soccer, Pilates

Why So Many Activities?

"I have multiple activities in my workout routine. I think it's important to highlight all of them because only doing one form of exercise can actually contribute to injury!"

How Long Have You Practiced Each Activity?

"I've been playing soccer since I was a child and started lifting in college. I started running longer distances after playing college soccer because I wanted to stay in shape and couldn't rely on soccer practice anymore for that! I also started Pilates last summer because I needed a workout that focused on balance, hip strength, and flexibility."

Why Do You Love These Activities?

"I love all these activities for very different reasons. For soccer, it was the team environment and competition involved, for weightlifting it is to build muscle and improve my performance while providing some variety in my exercise routine. Running helps me to clear my head and I don't have to worry about equipment or driving to a location. The Pilates class I take is choreographed to pop music, which makes it seem more like a dance class - and who wouldn't enjoy that?"