January Care to Wear - Dare to Dream Ranch

Our Centerville Road Team in Warwick dressing down on Friday in support of Dare to Dream Ranch. We'd like to thank Lauren Russell who's stepfather and boyfriend have served, for nominating this great cause.

The ‘Care to Wear’ beneficiary for January was Dare to Dream Ranch. The Performance Physical Therapy team will dressed down on Fridays to raise awareness and funds for this organization.

Dare to Dream Ranch

Dare to Dream Ranch is a multifaceted equine therapy, non-profit organization located in Foster, Rhode Island. It acts as a community safe place for United States veterans, active service members, and military families. The founder, Karen Dalton, provides various forms of therapy for those with military-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), physical disabilities, mild traumatic brain injury(TBI), anxiety, depression, and so on.

Their programs are designed to help service members, veterans, and their families with PTSD, anxiety, depression, military sexual trauma and mild traumatic brain injury to overcome their current situations, find their passion and become successful civilians who feel they serve a purpose after returning from their time spent on the battlefield.

Dr. Michelle Collie presenting Dare to Dream Ranch founder Karen Dalton with the check from the proceeds of our Care to Wear dress down Fridays campaign.

Their mission is to provide alternative therapy programs for U.S. Military veterans and their families struggling with emotional challenges. Their services include, but are not limited to, utilizing equine therapy, yoga, horticulture therapy, nutritional cooking, woodworking, fly tying, and career coaching.

Care to Wear at Performance Physical Therapy: Our purpose is ‘to empower our community to lead healthy, fulfilling and happy lives’. Every month we raise awareness of community organizations that align with our purpose by dressing down, volunteering and raising funds. Our goal is for 100% of Performance Physical Therapy team members to be active in philanthropic initiatives to empower everyone in our community to lead healthy, fulfilling and happy lives.


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