Josh is Running Fast, but Recovering Faster

Josh Rubino spends his days working in the graphic design industry out of Plainville Ma, where he designs and create brochures, logos, awards for collegiate, and some professional sports. Josh has always been interested in graphic design, but before this career, he spent much of his time focusing on photography and even studied it in college. Josh received his undergraduate degree from Stonehill College and then went on to Boston University to focus on photography.  But, over the last few years, Josh felt really drawn to graphic design and he even went back to school at the RISD for it. Before he knew it, Josh had completely switched over and has been loving the career change ever since.  

When he's not working, you can find Josh staying active and getting outside. Some of his favorite activities include running, mountain biking, playing softball or basketball, and going for hikes. Really, Josh will do anything that will keep him moving.  Staying active has always been a huge part of Josh’s life, until one day it became difficult for him. “I don’t really know what happened to me, but all of a sudden my right leg locked up and I just couldn’t extend it anymore” shared Josh. 

Josh did his normal rest and stretching, but nothing seemed to help loosen up his leg long term.  When he finally went to an orthopedist and found out he had a patella femoral stress, Josh knew he would need some physical therapy to help him get better, before it got worse. So, he made an appointment with Dr. Lauren Bachand from the Attleboro clinic. 

For about a month, Josh had to sit out of running and all his other normal activities, but after a few weeks working on extending his range of motion in his leg with Dr. Bachand, he was able to slowly get back to running. After a little over 2 months of working hard in physical therapy and building up his strength and endurance, he's finally able to extend his leg and is getting back to his old self. “I really just wanted to get back out there athletically without any worries” shared Josh. And now, he is working hard towards that goal, and is even able to start running again! “The entire physical therapy experience was positive, and I’m really grateful for it” expressed Josh.

Although he still has some work to put in, Josh is happy to report that every day he's getting stronger and closer to his normal lifestyle and looks forward to getting outdoors and conquering this winter season. "Now, I'm able to function more normally with those activities, so I'm well on my way."

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