Nothing can stop Shayna from getting it all done

Shayna Fox-Norwitz moved to Rhode Island about 18 years ago when she decided to attend the University of Rhode Island for school. After graduating with a degree in biology and secondary education, Shayna went on to earn her masters of literacy from Roger Williams. From there, she continued her education at Johnson and Wales to earn her doctorate in elementary and secondary education leadership. Shayna absolutely loves the field she is in and has spent the past 3 years working for a nonprofit called New England Basecamp. In her line of work, Shayna communicates with schools to help implement personalized learning allowing educators to re-image learning in the classroom. “It’s really a great field and I love what I do” Shayna smiled. 

5 months ago, Shayna had her first child and was so excited about starting her new journey into motherhood. Unfortunately, during her pregnancy, she was experiencing a lot of hip pain. At her job, Shayna spends most days either on her feet giving tours or sitting in training all day, and neither option was good for her hips.  With this being her first child, Shayna just assumed the hip pain was normal during pregnancy. At a class Shayna attended before having her baby, she learned that although some discomfort was to be expected, the pain she was experiencing was not normal, so another member of the group suggested she see Dr. Melissa Nassaney at the East Greenwich clinic to help treat her hip and pelvic pain.


After a few weeks, Shayna's discomfort was fading, and she was ready to have her son. A few months after her son was born, Shayna was starting to feel back to her old self, but she was still experiencing some pain, so she decided to go back to Dr. Nassaney for some post-pregnancy strength training. After building up some strength, Shayna was getting back to her normal activities and was even able to take her son out hiking. Shayna loves the outdoors and staying active, so building up her strength and the ability to stay on her feet without pain was important. 

In the past few years, Shayna has also enjoyed playing softball and flag football with the Woonsocket Wolverines Special Olympics team. Last spring, she had to sit out due to her pregnancy, but now that she has graduated from PT and continues to build up her strength, she is ready to join back in. Shayna's even ready to hit the slopes and go skiing this winter. 

When she's not spending quality time with her son, working, or getting outdoors, Shayna enjoys working with the Tomorrow Fund, where her husband sits on the board. With everything that Shayna is involved in, it can be a lot to juggle.  Although she has found that it can be challenging to balance everything, especially since most of her time these past few months have been spent with her son, it is all defiantly worth it.    

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