Surviving Summer In The Office

Vacations can be the best part of summer. And coming off the 4th of July holiday makes everyone just want to take the rest of the summer off, but for most of us, we have other priorities: work.

Whether you’ve already had your summer vacation, or you’re looking forward to your week off next month, it can be hard getting back to reality and settling back into work, especially if you work in an office.

With our desperate need to get outside and relax, we may need a little extra motivation to help us focus on our work, and what better way than to blow off some steam by fitting in a quick and easy office workout.

Start off with a 5-minute walk around the office, or try taking it outside. Do a quick loop around the block, and once you realize how hot it is, come back into your temperature-controlled office to finish off your workout with a few stretches. Once you’re done, you'll be feeling a little less anxious about sitting at your desk and can finally concentrate on your work, (or try to at least!)

Try this quick and easy office workout and Click here to download the full PDF


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