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On Par Warm-Ups FORE Golfers

Did you know that your risk of injury doubles if you are not warming up before your game of golf? Although many consider golf to be a game of leisure, it asks the body to create a massive range of motion that may not be done normally. That’s why dynamic warmups are so important! Not only will you feel better during your game, but you also won’t have to suffer the consequences of sore muscles afterward.

Before You Get To The Range

Getting to the course early to begin your warmup will help you feel like you are not rushing through your exercises. Like with every warm-up, make sure you’re not exerting a great deal of energy too quickly. Additionally, do not start your warmup more than 15-20 minutes before your tee time, as to avoid injuries.

1. Take a Walk.

Simply walking around the course will get your heart rate up and allow you to start your warmup safely. It also prepares your legs for walking throughout the course.

2. Stretch Your Arms

Loosen up the muscles in your arms by swinging them over your head and from side to side. You can also try holding a golf club and swinging your shoulders forwards and backward, creating large circles that will help to warm up your shoulders and arms.

3. Rotate Your Torso

Mimic the swinging and rotating motions in a slower, gentler way until you feel warmed up. You can do this by placing the golf club across your back and while keeping your arms hooked around the club, rotate your torso each way until you feel ready to move on.