Opting Out Of Surgery Without Compromising Her Mobility

Lifelong hiker, swimmer, and bike rider, local woman couldn’t imagine a life of compromised mobility.

At age 66, Laurie was determined to make her way back from a torn ACL after falling down a set of stairs last November.  Keeping active over the years has offered her a great deal of fun and satisfaction in her free time, but it also came with injuries, including that of the back, and a torn meniscus.  But her most recent injury has been the most severe of all.  

Laurie has always focused her life on staying active.  In keeping with her adventurous spirit, she has traveled near and far, including hiking in Africa, England, and nearly every state in the country, she even went camping across the Sahara-on a camel!  

Over the past decade, Laurie has gone to physical therapy and worked with Dr. Yvonne Swanson to help her mobility and stay proactive with her health while helping her gain confidence, strength, and agility, to prevent the need for surgery.  After her recent fall, Laurie opted out of ACL surgery and once again began a physical therapy program with Dr. Swanson and Dr. Amanda Chirlin at the Warwick clinic. With the success she’s had in the past, Laurie truly hoped this time would be no different.

Laurie was never one to stay laid up in the house, but due to the severity of her injuries, she knew it meant taking weeks off work with no chance to get back on her bike or go for a swim. But the moment Laurie was cleared to walk, she got right back out there! “This took more time than I had and more discipline than I’d ever exerted”, she shared. But Laurie’s hard work paid off.  “The exercises worked!” she expressed. After just 4 months, Laurie’s team helped her find the perfect combination that led to healing, meaning she could finally take back her life.

“I appreciate Performance Physical Therapy’s professionalism, skilled practitioners who are attuned and attentive to their patient’s needs, and the support of exercise specialists and awesome receptionists” she smiled.

Although recovery was not instant with an injury like this, Laurie still had a long way to go before getting back to the 6-hour mountain hikes and backpacking that she’s used to.  But Laurie has been able to pick back up on some of her activities. By March, Laurie was back to swimming and was riding her bike by April. Recently, she even traveled to Arizona and embarked on a less mountainous 2-hour hike with confidence and ease. Now, she's even dancing again!   

As Laurie continues with her home program, she will focus on increasing her strength, stamina, mobility, agility, and balance. “A large part of my successful outcomes includes feeling empowered and educated” she shares. And now, Laurie will take this education with her as she continues gaining confidence, returns to her activities, get back to her travels, and take back the mobility she feared she lost, all with high hopes of preventing future injuries.


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