Pain Motivated her Comeback

A fall in the grocery store could have taken away her favorite afternoon workout. Instead, Natalie let it motivate her to take back the activates she let slip away.  

Natalie Laster has always kept up with a busy life. For the past 26 years, she has worked hard to build up her career in finance working for the state of Rhode Island, while also watching her family grow, and still had time to keep up with all her favorite hobbies. 

One of Natalie’s favorite ways to spend time outside of work is by enjoying the evenings with her kids or traveling with her mom, last year they even made it to Vegas! When she's not surrounded by family, Natalie jumps at the chance to get in the kitchen to cook a nice meal or bake something sweet. But her hobbies don’t stop there. Over the years, Natalie has even picked up sewing. Growing up, her mother was a seamstress and taught Natalie everything she knows, at 92 years old, her mother is still teaching Natalie new techniques.

On top of all her activities, Natalie also loves to take some time for herself to get in a nice workout by going to Zumba and spending time on the treadmill in her basement.

Unfortunately, her busy life started to take over, and between work, family, and some home renovations, she didn’t have the time to make it to her classes and let her once active afternoons fall behind. 

A few months ago, while Natalie was grocery shopping, she slipped and pulled a muscle in her hip. When the pain wouldn’t go away on its own, Natalie decided to try physical therapy. So, she made an appointment with Dr. Brendan Boyle from the Pawtucket clinic. “It's been a joy going to physical therapy, they have all been amazing, and I actually look forward to going every week!” she smiled.

After 6 weeks in physical therapy, Natalie has learned all the exercises she needs to finally walk around pain-free. Going to her sessions has also motivated her to get back to her favorite workouts. “I now have a goal of getting back to Zumba twice a week and getting on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes a few days a week” she expressed. 

Now that she's feeling better and has graduated from physical therapy, Natalie can focus on finishing her home renovations, traveling with her mother, keeping up with her kids, and getting back to Zumba, all with ease.


- Learn more about Dr. Brendan Boyle

- Click here to learn more about what physical therapy is and what it can do to help you. If you are still not sure if physical therapy is what you need request an appointment to speak with a physical therapist about your concerns

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