Pediatric Physical Therapy 101: What You Should Know

You are sitting with your 18-month-old at the pediatrician's office and expressing concern that they aren't walking on their own yet. The pediatrician offers a referral to early intervention physical therapy. While early intervention has its benefits, like being covered by the state and offering at-home or virtual visits, it can take weeks - or even months - to get started. So, you ask your pediatrician for another option, to which they respond with asking if you'd be open to considering outpatient physical therapy.

There could be a number of reasons a pediatrician may recommend physical therapy:

  • Maybe it's a broken bone from a fall off of a slide

  • It could be after a complicated birth leading to extra time in the hospital for your little one

  • You notice your little one has a hard time negotiating their environment and is constantly bumping into things

No matter why your child was referred to physical therapy, finding a pediatric physical therapist should be your top priority.

How do you find the best pediatric physical therapist for your child?

When looking for the right physical therapy clinic, there are many factors to consider, such as the number of pediatric therapists they have on staff, how experienced they are at addressing your child's specific needs, and whether they have any pediatric certifications.

At Performance Physical Therapy, we offer specialized pediatric care at five clinics and counting. In addition, our Pawtucket clinic has one of the 10 Board-Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialists in the state of Rhode Island!

Why is it so important for my child to see a pediatric physical therapist?

Pediatric physical therapists have all the knowledge, education, and experience that an orthopedic physical therapist has, but what sets them apart is the equipment they use and their extra knowledge of pediatrics. This equipment includes toys, mats, scooters, and more to really engage your child. And more importantly, they know how to speak with your child, educate your child at their level, play with your child, and make sure that physical therapy is a fun experience. Pediatric physical therapy is about encouraging your child through movement to reach their highest potential. Pediatric physical therapists will play, dance, sing, and climb alongside your child until they are pros!

​Why should you go to Performance Physical Therapy for pediatric PT?

Every pediatric physical therapist at Performance Physical Therapy agrees that treating pediatric patients is a special and rewarding experience. Plus, it allows them to have as much fun as your children during their sessions! They love being able to bond with and earn the trust of your child, so they feel like their physical therapist is on their team to help accomplish their goals. They are driven by their desire to see success for your child.

Want to know if pediatric physical therapy is a good fit for your child? Request a phone consult or check out our monthly pediatric blogs to learn more what the pediatric physical therapists at Performance Physical Therapy can do for your child.

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