Performance Physical Therapy Introduces Employee Student Loan Pay Down Benefits

In November 2019 Performance Physical Therapy announced that it is now offering financial assistance towards student loans. Performance is joining the ranks of many other progressive companies in the country, leading the charge to alleviate the universal stress of high costs of education.

“This new program helps physical therapists to potentially shave years off their loans and alleviates a significant source of workplace stress,” states Dr. Lisa DeCoste PT, DPT. “Physical Therapists are graduating with loans averaging $96,000*, which creates a huge amount of stress”.

“Physical therapy is a vital component of the health care system, yet reimbursement from payers is limited,” reports CEO, Dr. Michelle Collie PT, DPT, MS. “Many graduating physical therapists are taking on second jobs to pay back their debt, which leads to poor work-life balance and potential burn out. We are hopeful that by providing student loan financial assistance we can alleviate some of the stress associated with high loans and continue to provide an environment where we can provide care at its best”.

Here’s what our physical therapists have to say;

Lindsey Harris DPT Excited to work for a company that cares and acknowledges the increasing financial demands of being a physical therapist.

Danielle Moreau DPT I am grateful that Performance PT recognizes the burden of graduate school student loans on physical therapists, and that they find meaningful ways to show their support.

Brendan Boyle DPT Signing up for the student loan repayment program was easy! I think offering a program like this is a great way to help alleviate the burden of student debt that many new grad physical therapists experience while starting their careers.

Clinic Director Andrew Horton DPT

Excited that PPT even offers this because you don’t hear of out-patient private practices offering loan reimbursement. I thought there’s be hoops to jump through to sign up but it took 5 minutes


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