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Providing In-Clinic and Virtual Physical Therapy Services

The team at Performance Physical Therapy is available for your physical therapy needs! Important changes have been made to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 and a visit to our clinic will be quite different from what it was before the pandemic.

Before you step into the clinic, we'll conduct a pre-visit health and COVID safe screen. When you arrive at the clinic, there will be temperature checks, mask requirements, and one-on-one care to minimize interactions. We have implemented extended appointment times, new clinic layouts, and vigilant disinfecting procedures to ensure that we are social distancing and complying with state guidelines. In addition, our team has had updated training and are screened daily.

Our physical therapists are providing services both in-clinic and virtually through telehealth.  

Physical therapists restore and optimize people's ability to move by addressing pain, mobility, strength, endurance, and balance limitations. Whether these limitations are due to an injury, surgery, disease, or illness, being able to move and exercise is important for one's physical, psychological, and cardiovascular health as well as our ability to fight disease and illness.

Being experts in the musculoskeletal system, physical therapists are able to evaluate, treat, and manage pain and injuries, minimizing the need for patients to see their doctor or go to the Emergency Room. Our goal is to minimize the burden on the frontline medical professionals who are busy managing illness and sickness.  While under our care, should you need to see a physician or a specialist, we will coordinate this service.

We continue to be available to answer any questions. Please message us by emailing or calling 401-726-7100.

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Thanks to our Governor's Executive order, insurance companies now reimburse for Telehealth physical therapy. This allows ongoing access to physical therapy care when a patient is unable or prefers not to come to the clinic.

Our team is working hard to be safe and calm, and to continue to provide the best possible care, in every way, to our community. Michelle Collie PT, DPT, MS CEO Performance Physical Therapy


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