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Reaching Towards his Goals of Getting it on the Green

It has always been a thrill for Amos to start new photography and carpentry projects while staying active during his weekend rounds of golf. Unfortunately, 70 years of activity can put a lot of stress on the body.

For as long as he can remember, photography has been Amos' passion, and he was able to spend over 20 years working as a professional photographer for an ad agency.

Over the years, Amos has suffered from a few different injuries, and between photography, his love for golf, and his knack for carpentry, a lot of stress was put on his shoulders in particular.  A few years back, Amos even had surgery on the muscles in his left shoulder to help bring back some mobility. Ever since his surgery, Amos has been doing great, that was until he took on a new project. 

4 years ago, Amos and his wife bought a rundown Victorian house in Newport and decided to do most of the restorations on their own. After a few years repeating the same overhead motions, Amos began having pain in his right shoulder. This January, when Amos could no longer lift his arm comfortably above hip level, he knew it was time to seek help, so he went back to his surgeon. 

They agreed that his best course of action would be a rotator cuff surgery to help reduce pain and restore his range of motion.  Although Amos knew it would be a long recovery, he also knew it would all be worth it once he was able to get back to his life and do the things he loved again. 

A week after his surgery, it was time to start physical therapy, and due to his wife's recommendation, he made an appointment with Dr. Kayleigh Melroy at the Middletown clinic.