Reflections on Community From CEO Michelle Collie

"28 years in and I still love being a physical therapist.

Dr. Bobby Dattilo, a Lacrosse coach and physical therapist, prepares for the State Championship Lacrosse Game with captain Jude MacLean

To my surprise, I realized this past weekend that I have been a physical therapist for 28 years! I was standing on the sideline of my son’s lacrosse game. A senior and a captain of the Moses Brown Lacrosse team, my son was playing in the state final against archrival, LaSalle Academy. I had helped him stretch the night before and taped his sprained ankle before the game. How lucky, I thought, to be able to be a physical therapist for my boy.

Arriving at the game on a beautiful spring day, excitement in the stands, I considered the array of health care providers who had impacted the many student-athletes who were competing on this day: physical therapists, pediatricians, nurses, the team’s orthopedic physician, athletic trainer, and many other specialists. Not only do these health care providers care for our kids, but also the parents, the teachers, and the entire community.

Over my years as a physical therapist and a mother, I know many parents and guardians, teachers, and kids have utilized our services for their physical therapy needs, specifically sprain and strains, back pain, vertigo, post-surgical and more. There’s been many Sundays when I have had a friend drop in with their child or text me:

“My son has heel pain, and needs to practice tomorrow”

“I woke up dizzy and heard there is something physical therapists can do to help”

“My daughter has shin splints. Do you have a running specialist that she can see?’

I am no different from any other health care provider. All of us see patients in our clinics and in the hospitals, but there's something so special about embracing our role as members of our community. I can't help but smile as I see myself or my team answering questions, guiding people, and helping them navigate their care. As we volunteer, raise awareness, coach, educate, and advocate, it brings me great joy to see health care as it should be.

What a privilege it is to be a health care provider and be part of a community. Even after 28 years, I still love being a physical therapist and I believe this is because of the role I play in my community. As I look back on how Performance has been named one of Rhode Island's Best Places to Work eight times, I truly consider that to be because of our involvement within the communities we serve. For the future generation and for those health care providers who are still early in their careers, I challenge you to engage in your community. Volunteer, coach, advocate, and be a resource. Be part of a community and you will discover the impact that your chosen profession can truly have."

If you're looking to join a team that deeply values community and empowers people to feel better, move freely, and live fully, Performance Physical Therapy has many clinical and administrative roles that are waiting for you. Apply today for physical therapist and assistant positions or for administrative positions to provide a better future for more people.

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