Sidelines To Scholarships - Agility and Plyometrics

This summer, we have been sharing daily strength and conditioning workout videos for all athlete to follow this summer and beyond. Get a jump start on your preseason training. No matter what your sport of choice, these workout tips will target the areas you’re looking to strengthen and help improve your stamina. Dr. Mike Glassman and Dr. Bobby Dattilo have shared their favorite workouts to help you stay in shape and prevent injuries all summer long while keeping your body conditioned so you can be at the top of your game when getting back to your fall sports this September.

The last few weeks have focused on Agility and Plyometrics. Check out some highlights below and follow us on Instagram @performanceptri to see the full program!

Week 4

Dr. Mike Glassman spends week 4 focusing on agility drills.

Week 5

Dr. Bobby Dattilo starts off week 5 going over progressive plyometrics for the lower body. Use these exercises to build explosive power that you can bring to the field.

Week 6

Dr. Bobby Dattilo continues his workouts into week 6 where he focuses on upper body plyometrics.

For our full program follow us on Instagram!

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