Sitting On The Sidelines

When hip pain took away the ability to play soccer and keep up with his kids, this local man knew it was time to get help so he would never have sit on the sidelines again.

While growing up in Colorado, Doug McLean learned to keep up with an active lifestyle. After starting soccer at a young age, Doug fell in love and at 40 years old, he continues to keep up with the game. Although most of his free time was spent playing soccer, Doug did find other ways to enjoy his time, usually by going for runs, hiking, or just finding other activities to keep him outdoors.

10 years ago, when Doug moved to Rhode Island, he kept up with his active lifestyle, while growing his career as a city planner and starting a family. Having two children under the age of two years old really keeps Doug on his feet. 

A few years ago, Doug leaned he had a partial labrum tear in his hip from using it so frequently over the years. Since he wasn’t feeling much pain at the time, Doug continued to use it for the next couple of years without rest or recovery. Over time, the pain was only noticeable while playing soccer or participating in more athletic activities, but soon enough it took away his ability to play the sport that he loved.

Once it got to the point where Doug was experience pain while completing everyday tasks, like keeping up with his kids, he knew it was time to make a change. “The injury was a long time coming, and something that I just let get out of hand,” he expressed. So, he finally decided to give physical therapy a try and made an appointment with Dr. Bobby Dattilo from the Pawtucket clinic

Going into physical therapy, Doug knew he wanted to get his hip back to the point where he could go beyond the everyday activities. “I was someone who’s goals coming out of physical therapy were pretty optimistic, I didn’t want any limitations and wanted to be able to play soccer and use my hip at a very high level” shared Doug. 

And 6 months later, that is exactly what he was able to do. Doug worked hard in physical therapy, and with the help of his personalized program, Doug had everything he needed to get the outcomes he was looking for. “My team put in thought and care into everything and gave me so many great workouts to do on my own,” he expressed. 

Now, Doug is no longer limited when it comes to using his hip, and he is happy to be getting back to everything he was able to do before the pain started, including keeping up with his kids, playing soccer, and running with ease.  “I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, everything I learned here was exactly what I needed” Doug smiled. 

After months of hard work, Doug is ready to leave physical therapy feeling stronger than he has in months and has set a new goal to stay focused on maintaining his hip, so he never has to sit out of soccer, or life, ever again. 


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