Summer Of 7 - Playground Workout

If you have kids, the park probably feels like a second home. But while your kids are playing you don’t just have to sit on a bench and wait until its time to go home.

Instead, try getting in a quick workout while watching your kids, you can even use the same equipment as them!

Follow along as Dr. Michelle Collie and Dr. Joe Russolello show you the best ways to utilize park equipment for your workout.

  • Push Ups  

  • Pikes

  • Crunches 

  • Leg Lifts

  • Single Leg Dips

  • Step Ups

  • Pull Ups

Tip: Find a variation of every activity that works for your fitness level. If you don't think you can do single leg dips, then use both legs. If you can't do a pull up, modify it to fit your needs!

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