Summer Of 7 - Road Workout

If you're someone who likes to exercise outside, then you know that sometimes the road can be the best place to get in a good workout. Try getting out of the gym this summer, and find a quiet side street to do some strengthening exercises. The only equipment this workout requires is sneakers and a sidewalk! 

No matter where you are on the road, these 7 exercises are a perfect way for you to add some variation to your workout while staying fit and strong all summer.  

Follow along with Dr. Michelle Collie and Dr. Joe Russolello with these 7 exercises:

  • Toe taps 

  • Hop ups 

  • Lunge walking 

  • Squats 

  • Jump squats 

  • Grapevine 

  • High knees

Tip: Remember to keep a neutral spine during your jump squat, and use your momentum from landing to go right into your next squat. 

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