Summer of Seven - Cookout Workout

Cookout season is here! Meaning you now have the perfect excuse to day drink, eat until you can't move, and lounge around outside.  But cookouts are also the perfect way to sneak in a quick workout without even putting down your drink. 

For this week’s summer of 7, Dr. Michelle Collie and Dr. Joe Russolello share their tips on staying active, building strength, and burning off some of those hamburgers. 

Next time you're at a cookout, follow along to these 7 exercises: 

  • Single Leg Grill Squats 

  • Grill butt kicks 

  • Beer curls 

  • Dips 

  • Push Ups 

  • Ball Toss Lunges

  • Frisbee Toss

TIP: After every Frisbee toss, try a few extra torso twists to engage your core! 

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