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The Best Toys for Pediatric Physical Therapy

Children of all ages and stages can be referred to physical therapy. Pediatric physical therapists can treat everything from gross motor delay to a twisted ankle to a concussion, and everything in between. When your child comes to us for physical therapy, they will get treatment directed to their specific needs because that is how we provide the highest standard of care.

But, even with individualized care, you'll see physical therapists use similar or the same equipment with multiples ages and diagnoses. In this blog, we'll share our favorite toys for each age group.

Favorite Toys and Equipment for Pediatric Physical Therapy by Age

0 to 6 months: The Wedge

A wedge can be created with pillows, couch cushions, a pregnancy pillow, a boppy, or a true wedge pillow! We love to use wedges for both tummy time, back play, and sidelying. Why? Because it helps teach your little one how to shift their weight towards their bottom and lift their head more easily.

  • On their backs, they can practice tucking their chin for sitting preparation.

  • On their belly, it can make tummy time a hair easier and thus more enjoyable.

  • In sidelying, they learn how to lift their head to help get them ready for rolling.

6 to 12 months: Soft Play Set

These multi-faceted climber toys are very useful to encourage climbing, hands and knees play, cruising, and kneeling play. They can be a bit pricey, but your child can use these well into toddler-hood for stepping and jumping practice, too.