The Physical Therapist’s Gift Giving Guide For Children

The season for gift-giving is finally here! With what feels like endless options for children's gifts, it can feel overwhelming to decide what to get this year. Our pediatric physical therapists searched all over to find the perfect gifts for the kids in your life. Not only will they love these fun toys, but they actually help to promote their motor development skills. It's a win-win for everyone!

Best Gifts for Infants

Play Mats

These are great because they encourage floor play, tummy time, and independent movement.

Piano Mats

These are great for infants to learn cause and effect, reaching during tummy time to make music, or kicking while on their back to promote abdominal strengthening.


Once the baby is starting to crawl, a tunnel is great to encourage crawling on hands and knees as well as improving object permanence.

Best Gifts for Toddlers


Tricycle propulsion is expected to occur around 3 years old. It challenges their leg strength and coordination. Remember to always put a helmet on your child when they're using their tricycle!

T-Ball Tee with Bat & Ball