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The Thrower's 10

It's that time of the year again! Do you know what that means? Baseball season is upon us and training has begun. As you train this season keep the following tips in mind to learn how to play safe and prevent yourself from sustaining an overuse injury. 

The most Important thing to keep in mind, is keeping your shoulders strong.

By completing the proper warm up, you can help keep your shoulders strong, preventing yourself from sustaining a overuse injury, especially if you’re a pitcher. The Thrower’s Ten is a ten-step exercise circuit that can help keep your shoulder strong and injury free. During the season, try 15 sets of each exercise, three or four times per week during practice. It’s important to keep up with them at practice and not try to cram it in right before you step on the field, seeing as this may fatigue your shoulder too much before a big game and compromise your pitch.