Wendy can’t wait to get back in her shoes 

Wendy Long has been living in Rhode Island for her entire life and has been happy to spend her time raising a family and working for wonderful companies in the area. Back in high school, Wendy started working part-time for Verizon and even met her husband there, and after 30 years of work, Wendy and her husband were able to retire and spend more time enjoying their family.

Wendy has always been on the move and loves to keep busy, and when she retired, she had a lot of free time on her hands. After a few years in retirement, Wendy learned that her friend, a local realtor, needed a part-time administrative assistant, so Wendy was happy to jump in and help on the weekends. Now, she's happy to say that she's spent the past 12 years there, and truly enjoys the work.    

When Wendy’s not spending her time at work, she loves to spend time with family and friends. One of her favorite actives is crafting with her best friend. They’ve known each other since 1st grade, and over the last 60 years, they have stayed the closest of friends. Now, they enjoy crafting together, “we love to do crafts for fun, but if someone in one of our families is having a party then we’re happy to make the decorations and centerpieces” she smiled.  

Wendy also loves to get out and try new things with her husband, they love going to new restaurants in the area and finding new activities to do. Recently, they even moved to South Kingstown to be closer to the beach. Wendy loves staying active, but last February that all changed when she was getting out of her car and felt a pop in her ankle. Wendy took a trip to the emergency room and they gave her a boot to help the sprain, but when the boot didn’t do the trick, she decided to go to an orthopedic specialist to see what else was wrong. 

After finding out she frayed a tendon, and that she needed 2 surgeries to repair it, she started physical therapy treatments with Dr. Jennifer Furlong at the Smithfield clinic to help strengthen her ankle before surgery. After a month of strengthening, she underwent surgery and spent a few weeks recovering at home. During her time off her feet, Wendy was very worried that she would never walk the same again.

As a shoe enthusiast, she loved getting new pairs of shoes in all different styles, but after her injury, she couldn’t wear anything that wasn’t a sneaker, so she boxed all of her fun shoes away thinking she would never wear them again.

Being stuck at home all day, unable to participate in her favorite activities, was making Wendy feel very confined. Wendy was getting through her injury the best she could and was happy to have a wonderful support system from her husband, children, and 8-year-old granddaughter, but Wendy was also happy to be spending her days in physical therapy with Dr. Furlong “I always seemed to leave in a better mood than when I got there” she smiled.

After a few months of physical therapy, Wendy was able to build up enough strength to reach her goal of walking around boot free with her daughter in law at their favorite annual fair. “I never thought I would be able to get back” she shared “And I was really never a big believer in physical therapy before, but now, after all that I achieved, I am a true believer.” 

Wendy still has a few weeks of physical therapy left, but now, she doesn't let anything stop her, and continues to challenge herself every week. Each week, Wendy can feel herself getting stronger, and every time she reaches a new goal, she will break out an old pair of shoes and wear them around for a little while. She may not be able to break into her box of fun ones yet, but every day she's getting one step closer to putting back on her shoes.

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