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Pregnancy & Postpartum 

During pregnancy, you will experience many physical and hormonal changes as the body adjusts to the demands of pregnancy and your growing baby. Although these changes can cause pain and discomfort, they can be treated and managed with specialized services.   

Why Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy is Important

During and after pregnancy, women often experience a range of issues, from back pain and sciatica to urine leakage and scar tissue concerns.  Physical Therapists specializing in women’s health use education, exercise, manual techniques, and more to assist pregnant and postnatal patients in helping to treat and manage their pain. 

Education on the Changes of the Body during Pregnancy using a Skeleton Spine an Pelvis

How Physical Therapists Treat Pregnancy & Postpartum Conditions

Our specialists in women’s health can help you to manage pregnancy with less pain and discomfort, prepare your body for childbirth, help you develop or restore core and pelvic floor strength during and after giving birth, guide your return to exercise after giving birth, and offer you practical advice on nursing positions, lifting mechanics, breast care, and more. 


Pregnancy-Related Conditions Physical Therapy Treats  

  • Back, neck, hip pain, and sciatica 

  • Wrist, hand, and joint pain 

  • Overactive bladder and urinary urgency 

  • Urinary and fecal incontinence 

  • Constipation 

  • Pelvic pain and pain with intercourse 

  • Incision, c-section, or scar pain   

Meet Our OB Specialists 

 How do I know if I need physical therapy while pregnant or after birth? 


If you're not sure if you need physical therapy for your pregnancy or postpartum pain, please call us at 401.726.7100 to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a physical therapist, or request an appointment. 

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