Why Performance?


& Perks

Medical Benefits, 401(k), Supplemental Insurances, PTO, Verizon, Home-Buying, and more... 

Growth & Development

Mentorship, Continuing Education, Company Sponsored Learning Programs, Levels, and more...

Student Loan Assistance

Student Loan Assistance Through Gradifi, APTA Membership Due Reimbursements, and more...

The Performance Experience

Team Building, Outings, Community Events, Inter-office Competitions, and more...


As a company that provides healthcare services, we strive to provide the best care for our patients and our community. However, we feel it is just as important to also consider our staff and how we can provide the best care for our team.  

Here are some of the benefits we offer:  

  •  Insurance 

    • Medical, Dental and Vision offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI 

  • Health & Wellness Program. 

    •  All full-time employees of Performance are eligible to join the Virgin Pulse Health & Wellness program within 30 days of employment, a great way to get active, get healthy, and get rewarded.  

  • 401(k) Retirement Plan:  

    • All employees are eligible to participate in our 401(k) retirement plan upon completion of a 3-month introductory period. Up to a 4% match is provided after 1 year of service with the company.  

  • Performance Community Care  

    • Performance understands the importance of community engagement and recognizes that volunteering enriches and inspires the lives of our employees. That’s why all full-time employees can volunteer for up to 40 hours per year and can receive PTO for their volunteer service.   

  • Employee Home Buyer Program 

    • Buying a home can be difficult. Performance recognizes this challenge and has partnered with Coastal Properties Group & Home Assist’s vendor network aimed at putting homeownership within reach of our team. Benefits include home buying education, $1,000 in credit towards a purchase, mortgage counseling, reduced listing fees for sellers, and additional vendor discounts.  

  • Verizon Wireless Discount 

    • Performance partners with Verizon Wireless and all employees are welcome to take advantage of a discount of up to 22% on their Verizon Wireless bill for qualifying plans.



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EIM PPT WI pic.png

At Performance Physical Therapy, we believe in dedicating time and resources to ensure the success of our team. That’s why we provide numerous opportunities for our team to develop professionally and clinically to ensure everyone is meeting all their professional goals and finding success in their time with us.  

Defining Your Role at Performance


Lead the way  

Leadership is hard, and being in a leadership role comes with its challenges, but with time, effort, and practice, improving those skills can be crucial for you to perform your job. Performance offers an in-depth 6-month program focusing on communication, time management, strategic planning, personal growth, mentoring, and more to help you gain leadership experience and excel in any role.   

​Mentoring at Performance 

Becoming a Physical Therapist means that you will be a lifelong student; there are endless opportunities to stay up to date with the latest clinical research.  One pathway to achieve this is through our mentorship program.  Performance offers a one on one mentorship experience through customizable programs for you and led by you. We match you with the best mentors to make the most out of this mentorship by providing a flexible structure and materials but using your desired outcomes so you can learn and grow in a way that will best meet your needs.  

Professional Development within Performance  

Through continuing education, skillz meetings, and more, we have found a way to bring new skills, techniques, and education in a way that is engaging, fun, and works for you. Performance offers a wide range of clinical educational resources such as, weekend intensive courses, offering orthopedic and sports residencies and specialty certifications, providing quarterly Saturday courses with guest lecturers who are experts in their fields and provides access to an internal cloud-based library of resource and a Learning Management System for attaining and tracking CEUs.

Residency and Certifications  

We have teamed up with Evidence in Motion to help you invest in your post-professional education. We know the importance of having a great foundation, and at Performance, we provide a solid foundation for a baseline continue education program, but we know the need for partnerships to bring in the best evidence, research, and programs for our employees. Evidence in Motion specializes in post-professional residences and certification programs that bring the courses to you so you can treat in the environment and with the company you want. 


PPT Specialty Programs  

Physical therapists need to have a well-rounded experience while working in the clinic, but we also know the need for physical therapists to be experts in a certain field, that’s why we offer several specialized programs where you can learn from your peers. We offer in house specialty programs such as OB and Pelvic health programs, hand specialties, Dry Needling certifications, running specialists, and sports specific specialists.  


Continuing Education Outside of Performance  

We try to provide as many opportunities as possible to help staff continue their education, but we understand that there are many different approaches to learning. We value our team and we love investing in our staff and hearing new ideas. If our staff has found additional courses or continuing education avenues outside of Performance, then we always investigate further and can help support the costs for you to gain new skills and knowledge to help advance your career as a physical therapist.   

APTA Membership  

The APTA understands the work you put in and has the resources to support every physical therapist out there. At Performance, we understand the importance and the value of advocating for our profession, that’s why cover the costs of your APTA membership because we want you to have the clinical resources to help you become better physical therapists. We encourage all physical therapists to join the APTA to learn not only the best clinical practice but ways to advance your administrative roles and advocate for your profession to help you get paid appropriately for the services you provide. We currently have multiple employees serving on the board of the APTA who would be happy to sit with you to talk about the importance of joining the APTA and how it can help you grow as a physical therapist. 



Physical Therapists can receive up to $10,000 towards the principal of a qualifying student loan within the first 5-years of employment! Performance Physical Therapy recognizes that student loans are a big challenge for many Physical Therapists. We have teamed up with Gradifi to create a student loan repayment program that all our physical therapists have access to immediately upon hire. Performance Physical Therapy’s student loan paydown program through Gradifi can help physical therapists potentially cut years off of student loans and save thousands of dollars!



Here at Performance, we strive to work hard, help our community, and most importantly have fun while making a difference. That’s why we pride ourselves on teaming up with our community to make a difference and create a culture within our company that leaves lasting impressions on our staff, so they enjoy coming to work every day.   


Philanthropic Endeavors through Community Partners  

Many businesses in our community share our mission of providing health and wellness services to help members of our community achieve their health and wellness goals, that’s why we partner with many of these businesses to work together and achieve this goal.  


Some of our partnerships include Girls on the Run Rhode Island, the annual Ronald McDonald House of Providence Women's Classic 5k, New England Distance, and many more. 


Care to Wear  

Each month our staff dresses down on Friday to help raise money for local organizations in our community. Ask us more about what local organization we are dressing down for this month!   


PPT Annual Golf Tournament  

Each year the Performance Physical Therapy Annual Charity Golf Tournament helps raise money in support of Full Swing Golf RI. Full Swing teaches children of all ages with varying disabilities are understanding the therapeutic benefits of learning the game of golf. One of their biggest accomplishments thus far is acquiring their own Paramobile. It allows for individuals who are wheelchair-bound to stand up and realize the full benefits of playing golf.


September of Move 

Each year our staff loves to participate in September of Move, a month-long fitness competition that gets our clinics moving, starting healthy habits, and competing to be the best.  Together we walk, bike, swim, climb, plank, jump, lift, and squat ur way through the month to push ourselves to be the healthiest we can. Pirate Ruby challenges us to be the strongest and compete with other clinics to see who comes out on top- and who doesn't love a little friendly competition?