Athletic Training 

Our comprehensive athletic training program is designed to minimize the number of injuries that athletes suffer, provide optimal injury assessment and rehabilitation should an injury occur, and take the uncertainty out of the return-to-sport decision. With proper preventative measures and supervision from our Athletic Trainers, most injuries can be avoided and lead to athletic performance reaching new heights.  


Our Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) provide a range of services to schools, Athletic Directors, and student-athletes, in the areas of injury prevention and safety, coordination and communication, and service. Certified Athletic Trainers provide physical conditioning, injury prevention, emergency on-field care, clinical evaluation and diagnoses, and assistance in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.


Injury prevention and physical conditioning 

ATCs educate athletes on strategies to reduce the risk of injury in their sport and how to have sound physical and nutritional practices. They help to plan and implement sport-specific and injury preventative workouts and warm-ups, inspect standard protective equipment and environmental conditions, and implement safety classes that teach about subjects like emergency protocols and concussion treatment and monitoring. ATCs collaborate with physicians, physical therapists, coaches, athletes, and parents daily in local communities and schools and streamline communication between coaching staff. 


Emergency on-field care and more

ATCs implement standard emergency protocols for athlete injuries during a game or practice, away or at home, and they attend all practices and games to assess and address injuries if they arise. ATCs also implement concussion testing and monitoring. If athletes are injured, ATCs manage communication by sharing information within a student’s health care team, communicating with parents or guardians and maintaining a record of injuries, health concerns, and emergency contacts. 


In addition to their work in the injury prevention and fitness realms, ATCs often become champions of the schools in which they work, helping to fundraise for the school and showing up to fitness and health events that benefit the school and the surrounding community. Athletic Trainers also become mentors to students, especially those interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. 


Over the past 20 years, Performance Physical Therapy has been present in local schools throughout the state. 


To learn more about how to get an athletic trainer at your school, or for more information on our Athletic Training services, contact: 



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Check out these helpful resources to learn more about safe sports and athletic trainers.

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