5 Ways to Reshape Your Health in Your 40’s

Keeping up with your body can be tough, especially as you age. By the time you’ve reached your 40’s, you’ve become stuck in your ways and formed many habits, both good and bad. And at this point, there can be many habits that you don’t realize you need to change. Here are our recommendations on the top 5 changes you should make to keep your body strong and healthy in your 40’s and beyond.  

1.) Set a goal

If you don’t set any goals, then what’s keeping you from making any changes? Research shows that when you have a plan and write down your goals, you are 42% more likely to reach them. Pick goals that you want to strive toward, ones that are specific, measurable, and attainable. And always stick with the Give Up or Go Up goals. 

  • Go Up: Eat 5 serving of vegetables a day 

  • Go Up: Exercise for 45-minutes a day 

  • Go Up: Sleep through the night 

  • Give Up: Stop drinking alcohol during the week

Once you pick your goals, stay motivated by making a plan of action that will help ensure you're meeting them.