Alleviating Back Pain Can Be Done, You Just Have To Know Where To Start

After letting pain become part of her normal life, this local woman decided it was time to fight back, but she would need some help finding the core of the problem. 

For the past 14 years, Christine Avella has worked as an office manager at Rhode Island Housing and handles anything and everything that comes her way  “I’m constantly on my feet and putting out fires all day long” she laughed, “and I always try to help out where it's needed”. 

When she's not rushing around at work, Christine loves to spend time with her family, read, go to church, take long walks every day, and spend her afternoons in the kitchen. But all of this became very difficult for Christine when she started having low back pain about 3 years ago. 

Her pain started out as just an annoying part of having Osteoporosis, “but over time it became something that I thought I had to live with” Christine expressed. 

Even though Christine was in constant pain, she wouldn’t let that ruin the time she spent with her family. Christine has 3 adult daughters and 5 grandkids of varying ages, and every week she tries to get a few of the younger kids over so they can enjoy a cooking day and make a dinner from scratch. The best part of her week is focusing on sharing these moments with her grandkids “I love teaching them recipes that I hope they remember when they’re older” she smiled.     

Over the years, the pain in her back started to take over, and the fun things Christine once loved became much harder to enjoy. The only relief she could find was by getting out and walking every day.

Although her daily walks brought her some relief, it just wasn't enough to combat the pain she felt after running around at work all day long. So, this January Christine mentioned the pain to her doctor, and they recommended trying out physical therapy.  That week, Christine made an appointment with Dr. Pat Procaccini at the North Providence clinic. On her first visit, Christine learned she had a weak core, so she began some strengthening exercises “by the second visit, I was already seeing results!” she expressed. 

With a few months of physical therapy under her belt, Christine is finally able to live life more comfortably and continues to find a little more relief with every week of exercise. 

Over the last few months, Christine has noticed a big difference in everything she does, with work and life. Seeing as she's on her feet all day in the office, she has really learned how to become more mindful of how she's moving. “I’m also a home-body, and I live alone, so it was great to learn some new techniques for doing tasks around the house like carry laundry to the basement and taking out the trash” she shared. 

Now, Christine can get back to enjoying every part of her life like her daily walks, and weekly cooking days with the grandkids, all with limited pain. Although there are some days where Christine still experiences back pain, she is ready to continue her work in physical therapy to one day live a pain-free life.  


-Learn more about Dr. Pat Procaccini

Click here to learn more about what physical therapy is and what it can do to help you. If you are still not sure if physical therapy is what you need request an appointment to speak with a physical therapist about your concerns.

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