Former Travel Agent Embarks on Her Next Adventure: Recovery From Surgery

Not many people can say they’ve had three knee replacement surgeries in less than 5 years, but Sharon Couture surely can. Between going to the gym, walking, making jewelry, and having a full life, Sharon didn’t want to be held back by her knee replacement surgery. This former travel agent was ready to embark on her latest adventure to recovery in physical therapy.

What Brought Her To PT

After her knee replacement surgery in December 2020, Sharon had gone to physical therapy at a rehab hospital near her home. However, when the pandemic caused the hospital to shut down, she was left to find a new outpatient center to continue her treatment. After trying physical therapy at another hospital, she decided that she wanted to continue her recovery at a facility that had more one-on-one care with a physical therapist. By recommendation of her son, she decided to call Performance Physical Therapy and see if it was possible to schedule an appointment quickly. She had no idea just how much her life was about to change when she was confirmed for her first appointment at our Smithfield clinic with Dr. Jordan Madigan PT, DPT.

Keeping Her Motivation

When you’re in recovery, you sometimes need to hear encouragement from another person. Sharon recalls that in those moments when she struggled or didn’t feel motivated, her physical therapist stepped in and encouraged her. “Sometimes people are depressed and don’t want to exercise, but my PT made it fun to do and he empowered me to continue.” Jordan’s creativity in exercises has helped her to really enjoy coming to her appointments. And as a result, her hard work has been paying off and she has finally been able to walk on the stairs again!

PT’s Impact On Mental & Physical Health

Since Sharon was used to having a consistent gym schedule, taking a pause from her active lifestyle left her feeling down. However, her experience at Performance has helped her to regain the joy and confidence that was left behind from her surgery. “It’s a joy coming to Performance. Kathryn always greets me when I walk in and the PTs all get to know me as a person,” she recalls. In fact, when Sharon experienced a devastating week of four deaths of people that were close to her, she knew she wouldn’t be quite as upbeat in her appointments. “Jordan said that if I wanted to talk about it, that I could reach out to him, and just knowing that was such a comfort to me.”

Not only did her physical therapist help with her mental health, but he also advised her on how to take care of her physical health outside the clinic. When she was trying to go back to the gym, Jordan advised her on the best exercises she could do that would benefit her recovery and make her feel like she was back to the routine she loved. “He gave me an exercise routine to follow at the gym with how many minutes to do one machine or the other and what resistance bands I should get so I can get the most out of my workout.”

Sharon’s Advice For Patients

For any patients that find themselves in need of physical therapy after a knee replacement, Sharon advises that they “plan ahead and make your appointments at Performance. With so many locations, there’s no excuse that it’s too far away!” She recommends that although it’s helpful to have a nurse check up on you in the weeks after your surgery, you shouldn’t forget to schedule your physical therapy appointments ahead of time. “The time that you realize you’re now on your own is challenging and I thought it would be difficult to get an appointment right away. To my surprise, I never had a problem getting an appointment at Performance Physical Therapy.”

If your story sounds like Sharon's, take her advice and reach out to Performance Physical Therapy to schedule your appointment at 401-726-7100. With many clinics all over Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, our experienced physical therapists are ready to help you feel better, move freely, and live fully.

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