High School Athlete Conquers His Overuse Injury

At 5 years old, Richard Segura fell in love with baseball, and 9 years later, playing is still his passion. “I love the atmosphere and the discipline that baseball has taught me, but it's also fun and it makes me push myself” Richard smiled.  This September, Richard began his freshman year at Providence Career and Technical Academy High school and joined the engineering program. “There’s always a challenge in engineering” he shared “but, I like overcoming the obstacles that I need to get the final product”. 

With a background in engineering, Richard believes it will give him a lot of opportunities for the future, and if he pairs it with his love for baseball, he hopes to receive a scholarship to both play baseball and learn from a great college. Even though he’s only a freshman, Richard has big goals for his future and won’t let anything get in the way. 

Richard played baseball every year since he was 5, and was positioned as the catcher for a while. Once he was moved to first base, he started experiencing a lot of pain in his shoulder. Last season, his growth plate became swollen from growing too fast and he experienced an overuse injury from throwing. Since throwing was painful, it caused Richard to sit out of baseball for the remainder of the season so he could rest up to get his shoulder back in working condition. For the next 5 months, Richard attended physical therapy with Dr. Jamiee Enos at the North Providence clinic while he took a break from baseball. 

During Richards break from baseball, his friend introduced him to wrestling, so he spent most of the fall trying that out. But, after a few months of working hard and having fun in physical therapy, Richard was feeling better and decided to give up wrestling so he could focus on his recovery and return to baseball. After a few months of hard work, Richard was getting back to working out, going to the gym, and preparing for the upcoming baseball season. 

Even though his shoulder is feeling better, Richard knows that his recovery doesn't stop here. He needs to continue his exercises and workouts to prevent himself from re-injuring his arm, but that’s just a small step for him to reach his goals. Richard has his eyes set on that scholarship to a D1 school, or even playing professionally one day, and nothing will get in his way.


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